• Every single hour, day and night, we sell more gas, more tires, more industrial products, more clothes and more consumer goods.
  • Every day, we publish new socio-economical reviews, political analyses, fact sheets, press releases and documents made for decision-makers.
  • Every week, hundreds of participants are invited to events and thousands of visitors read the pages hosted on our servers.
  • Every month, our systems improve and grow, to the raising satifaction of professional users.
  • Every year, millions of euros of turnover are generated by our platforms to benefit our clients who are getting more successful.


United Networks was founded in Belgium in 1996. Our core business consists in developing web software solutions for Intranets, Extranets and for the Internet. Focused primarily on corporate services, our team acts as a strategic partner in information technology.

During all those years, we have gained expertise in many economical sectors and industries such as chemical, oil, automotive, coaching, law, medical, pharmaceutical, consulting and finance for large companies, federations, NGO’s, Governmental agencies, non-profit organization, SME’s and many more.

Your United Networks‘ team is dedicated to deliver fast, efficient and high-quality projects in the ever-evolving web environment.


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Every day brings new challenges and... new answers.


What better way to create a positive work environment than to have passionate people gathered for the same cause, thrilled about what they do.


Our capacity to question ourselves, to explore new ways and find new resources


Being alert is an asset our clients can benefit from.


United Networks is result-oriented.


It’s not only about delivering nice tools or sophisticated systems, but about making sure you can use them efficiently and obtain the goals we’ve set together.

The United Networks’ mission is to develop web applications to improve our clients Internet strategy and their website performance.


Strategy is about knowing where your company is today, where you want to take it, and how you are going to get there. At United Networks, we believe in e-volution and stability, as opposed to blindly following a “newer” or “better” technology promising yet another Internet Eldorado.

The life cycle of our own products and applications is designed to provide you with long-term support for your business continuity.

United Networks is a specialist in the development of web applications, accessible via a web browser. Our skilled and resourceful teams can improve and simplify your internet processes by adapting state of the art technological solutions and by implementing the United Networks step-by-step approach: Think big, start small, evolve quickly.

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Our Team, Your Team.

Robert Vandenbegine
Robert VandenbegineCEO & Paragliding Champ
Passionate founder & hands-on Ceo, Enthusiastic entrepreneur at Time2.mobi
Entrepreneurship 95%
E-commerce 90%
Business Strategy 80%
Marie Nothomb
Marie NothombDirector
United Networks sa-nv Administrator, Partner at Time2, Partner at Dimension4
Change Management 95%
Team Management 90%
Event Management 85%
Germain Randaxhe
Germain RandaxheProject Manager
Project Manager at United Networks sa-nv, Project Manager at Time2.mobi
Software Project Management 90%
Agile Methodology 85%
SQL 80%
Benjamin Theunen
Benjamin TheunenProject Manager, Developer
Project Manager at United Networks sa-nv, Developer, Analyst
PHP 90%
Agile Methodology 85%
SEO 80%

Europe & North America

Since 1996, we develop websites and e-commerce solutions:

United Networks is a mobile and Internet application development company. Below is a sample list of companies that trusted us for hosting, server administration and security, application development, portal deployment, training, support, maintenance or other services:

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